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    A group, consisting of three friends, who came together after learning of the popularity of their popular Korean drama, has come together to write a new series.

    They called themselves ‘Korean Dramatic Group’ after the Korean word for drama, korea.

    The group, whose members all share a passion for Korean drama and love the music genre, began to write the series after hearing about it online and were initially reluctant to get involved.

    However, after reading the scripts, they have decided to start filming the series as soon as possible.

    They have shared their scripts with the network, but no word on a release date yet. 

    A group of 3 friends decided to write an episode together after hearing that there was a lot of popularity of Korean dramas on the internet.

    As for the content of the series, it will consist of four episodes.

    While the cast members of the show are currently unaware of any plans for a release, the show will feature two new actors, a lead and a supporting character.

    They are also looking for a few supporting characters who can take on the role of the main character.

    It will be the first time the group has ever written a series, and the creators hope to do something like that for many years to come.

    “The idea of the group came about after hearing a lot about the popularity and popularity of our favorite Korean dramas online, and we realized that we should make something that we would be able to watch together, that we could enjoy together,” the group wrote on their Facebook page.

    “So we decided to make it a group of people who all love Korean dramas, and that is why we decided on making this series.

    We would like to bring you more Korean drama for you to enjoy as we watch it together.

    And we would also like to encourage you to create something that you can watch together.”

    They have created their first script and hope to have a final version ready by the end of the month.

    They will release the first episode on February 14.

    The first episode of the new series, called ‘Gongwoon’, was released last year.



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