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    CHICAGO—A year after the release of his best-selling book, “Chihai,” Chinese drama producer Chu Young-ho is back with another film, this time focusing on the relationship between a young princess and her older brother.

    The movie, released by the Chinese Film Academy and directed by Hong Kong director Yipeng Jiang, tells the story of a young girl who travels to a distant land and finds herself in a love triangle with two older brothers, both of whom have the same name.

    The title character is named Chih.

    It stars Chih’s longtime companion and mentor, Hong Kong actress Chiu Ming-yuen, who plays the older brother, and fellow actress Wu Lai-cheng, who stars as the princess.

    The film was produced by Chih and his longtime friend and collaborator Yu Lai.

    Yu also directed the film.

    Yu, Chih, Chiu and Wu met in the early 2000s, when Yu was working as an assistant director for the Chinese Academy of Motion Pictures and Television (CAMP) at the Beijing Film Academy.

    Yu introduced Chu to Chih in the late 1990s and became close friends with Chih during the latter’s tenure as a student at the CAMP.

    Chu was Chu’s producer during his years at the Chinese Cinema Academy, and they worked closely together on the production of “Chu,” which was released in late 2018.

    “Chi” won a number of awards at the international film festivals including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress.

    Chu’s “Chun” won the 2018 Golden Lion Award, and he and Chih had a falling out.

    In May 2019, the pair parted ways after Yu asked for a refund.

    Chu did not return a request for comment.

    Yu returned to the Chinese film industry in 2016, and after leaving the Camp, Yu returned in 2018.

    In an interview with Variety in 2018, Yu said he had worked with Chu on “Chuh” as a producer, but the pair had parted ways before the film’s release.

    “I wanted to be with Chu, and I wanted to have him back,” Yu said.

    “But when the time came to work together, I didn’t want to be without him.”

    Chih is set to film in Beijing and Los Angeles in 2021.

    The story follows the adventures of a younger Chih (Ying Yan) and her younger brother (Hai Zhen), who live in a remote Chinese village.

    They visit their family’s ancestral home in the mountains of the Jiangsu province.

    The couple’s younger sister, a girl named Hui, has recently returned from overseas, where she had been staying in Japan.

    Chih decides to take Hui to visit her father, who lives in another village.

    The siblings eventually find themselves at the gates of the family’s estate, where the family is staying.

    As they enter, they discover the family house is being destroyed.

    The family then realizes that the people who destroyed the family home were the people they thought they were dealing with.

    “It’s a story of two brothers who have to decide whether to return home or not,” Yu told Variety.

    “And they decide to return.”



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