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    K-pop group EXO’s ‘The Return of the King’ is the top-grossing Australian drama this year, with the group earning $13.9 million, according to data from Nielsen SoundScan.

    The show was produced by the group’s producer, Sony Music, and starred actress and singer Jung Kyung Soo.

    It was also the top grossing Australian TV drama this calendar year, according with SoundScan data.

    “The Return Of The King” was broadcast on the Sony Music Channel in the US from July 1 to July 8, with another season expected to be released this year.

    “It was an incredible experience for us to be able to create this story with our team,” said Kim Min Hee, vice president of Sony Music.

    “Korean dramas have always been a big hit in Australia and I can’t wait to see what EXO will achieve next.”

    EXO, who have recently released their debut album, ‘K-Pop Star’, was also nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Song and Best Picture.

    They also won Best Original Song at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, as well as Best Male Vocal Performance at the 2012 MTV Video VMAs.

    “I can’t believe we’ve been able to win this award, but I can also’t wait for our next music video,” said Jung Kyong Soo, who sang on the song.

    The return of the king has been a popular theme in the show, which has also aired in Korean, Chinese and Japanese versions.

    The story revolves around the titular King, who was born in China and is an incarnation of a mythical Chinese character known as “Ji”.

    The show, based on the epic poem by Wuyi, is also based on a popular Chinese folk tale called ‘The Song of the Black Swordsman’, which has been interpreted as a parody of the Chinese culture.

    EXO is also currently on tour in Asia.

    A second season of “The King of the Jungle” will be released in Australia this summer.

    The Australian market was also a key factor in the success of the new series, with a large audience tuning in to the network to watch the shows shows live on their own, said Kim.

    “We believe that our audience is going to be very engaged with our music video, which will also be a huge selling point for our show,” she said.

    “Our aim is to be the number one Australian music show in the world.”

    Exo also have the potential to become the number-one show on TV in Australia, Kim added.

    “With our growing viewership and a huge fan base, we believe we will be able become number one in Australia,” she added.

    The series of shows also has strong ties to the history of Australia.

    “They are very similar to Australian television,” Kim said.

    While EXO was initially set up in 2011, they are still based in China, and were inspired by the music and culture of the country, she said, adding that the group had been approached by the Chinese government to film their shows there.

    “If it’s not for them, we wouldn’t be able have the success we have had in Australia.”

    A representative for EXO did not respond to a request for comment.

    The group has also recently released new music videos for ‘BTS’ and ‘Sassy’, two new tracks released on July 15.

    “As we’re on tour, we’re constantly working on new music and new videos for all our songs,” Kim added, referring to the two new songs.

    The songs are being released in English and Korean by the agency WMG Entertainment, while the group is also producing new music video for their song ‘I’m So Sorry’.

    “We’re working on all the new songs and are always up to date on the music,” Kim concluded.



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