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    Drama Island, the hit series from Disney Channel and Comedy Central, is back with Season 5.

    The 10 episodes that aired in 2016, along with two bonus episodes, were released on April 10, 2017.

    The Season 5 episode “Downtown” focuses on a group of young women who move into a Manhattan apartment complex after the murder of a prominent New York City politician.

    In the episode, we learn that the woman who murdered the politician, Mimi Giamatti, had been a member of the elite Manhattan social club.

    “The story is a very personal one, and the characters are all women,” co-creator and executive producer Jeff Goldblum told TV Guide in 2016.

    “This show is a feminist show, a political show, and a romantic show, in that sense.

    We’re all about that.”

    Dish and Drama Island is a comedy that follows a group in New York who move to Manhattan for a new place to call home.

    While the series has always been focused on the women of the city, the cast of characters have become more diverse in recent seasons.

    The series also stars Emily Blunt, Kevin Hart, Amy Poehler, Adam Driver, and Amy Landecker.

    The drama was produced by Warner Bros. Television, which also produced Callmarchon and the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop.

    Watch the trailer for the Season 5 premiere below.



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