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    We all know that Gwen’s drama, Cryaotics, was a huge hit when it premiered in the fall of 2014.

    But how did it end up winning for Drama in 2015?

    Let’s take a look.

    The Drama Academy Award for Drama was given to The Cryas drama, based on a screenplay by Emmy Award-winning screenwriter-producer, actress and actress-turned-director, Gwen Total.

    Total had previously directed the drama, as well as a film version of the same name.

    Total told Entertainment Weekly at the time, “I’m super excited to be honored by the Drama Academy Awards.

    I love this genre and I love Gwen.

    I want to work with her on all the projects that I’m working on, and we’re going to try to do the best we can.”

    Total has also been working with Gwen on her next film, called “The Cryaoses,” which will be directed by her husband, screenwriter John Singleton, and star Emily Watson.

    In addition to Total, Singleton and Watson are also producing with Singleton’s brother, Peter Singleton.

    The film will follow the story of a young couple, who go on a romantic adventure through a fantasy land.

    The movie is slated to hit theaters in late 2018.

    While Total and Singleton are both behind the camera for The Cryais, it seems that Total has been getting some help from a few people in the directing and production departments.

    According to Deadline, Total is now seeking out screenwriters to help with the writing process.

    Singleton will also be in charge of producing The Cryays script and other scripts.

    He also plans to write a feature-length script for The Crocodile Room, which will also take place in a fantasy world.

    Singleton told Deadline, “It’s a little bit different from my usual scriptwriting style, but I’m still going to do it.

    It’s all about the writing.

    It has to be about the characters, the story, the emotions.”

    As of now, The Cryahzes script is still being read and is currently being worked on.

    The film is still in production, so nothing is set in stone yet.



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