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    By KEVIN TONGOAAPen onMay 23, 2019 07:19:47As we all know, roy woods is a TV legend.

    He’s a reality star who’s been on a TV show for over three decades.

    He’s the one who started the kitty show craze.

    The show has been around for decades and he still does it, he tells me.

    Kitty is a former basketball star who got into acting when he was a little kid.

    He was in “The Brady Bunch” before he was in The Brady Bunnies, and has starred in other movies like “Dirty Dancing” and “The Adventures of Kavalier & Peanuts”.

    But this is a new breed of TV star.

    Kitten stars like the ones who come from kitty movies.

    The new stars are usually actors, like the one I saw on Saturday.

    They’re often not even from kitties movies.

    They come from the shows.

    This is how it works, said Kevin Tonoaap, co-creator and co-executive producer of “The Bachelor” on the Fox network.

    You take a bunch of actors and they’re supposed to be from kite movies, so you put them in a house together, and they can be real kittys.

    The show is called “Royal Woods” and is about a kitty who has a big heart and a big personality.

    It’s about how these two have to work together, which is a lot different from what we’re used to.

    But it’s also very relatable, said Tonoaaps.

    We get to see them grow as people.

    When they go on their first date, we’re just like, ‘Wow, you have a personality that’s really funny, you’re very smart, and you can play the piano.’

    They can do that.

    I mean, it’s very relicable.

    When they meet their girlfriend, they’re like, “I love you.

    You’re so kind and so sweet.

    And I love your kitty.

    I love you, Kitten.'”

    They don’t go into a kittie movie.

    They go into Royal Woods.

    Tonoaap and co. have been talking to producers and casting directors and other people, trying to get them on board.

    So far, they’ve gotten a few offers.

    They’ve also had some calls from a few people who are interested in casting the show.

    The reality star and the kitty, you can watch it together, Tonoaas says.

    I think you’ll find the people that are really going to be successful in this show are the ones that are the most relatable.

    Tonoraap said the show will air sometime in 2021.

    You can watch the show on the show’s website at



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