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    Gwen total is a new drama series from the creators of The Wire and The Wire: Dave Becky and Katie Tisdale.

    The show, which is being co-created by Dave Becky, Katie Tidd, and David Ehrlich, tells the story of a young woman whose father is murdered and her mother is raped, and how she is forced to deal with the trauma and emotions of the death.

    The series follows a new young girl, Olivia, who has been adopted by her aunt, the actress/activist, Sarah, after her adoptive mother, Debbie, is murdered.

    Sarah’s life is turned upside down when she is approached by the mysterious Mr. White, who tells her he is looking for a new adoptive family and wants to adopt her.

    The story centers on Olivia, a single mother of two who is dealing with the aftermath of her father’s murder.

    It follows Sarah’s attempts to navigate her life, both professionally and emotionally, as she moves forward with her life as an actress and an activist.

    Olivia’s aunt, Sarah White, and Mr. Black have come to the rescue of Olivia after she was approached by Mr. Grey, who is seeking to adopt Sarah as his own.

    Olivia and Mr Black decide to try to keep their secret from each other, but the pair soon learn that they are both trying to find their adoptive family.

    It is a bittersweet journey for Olivia, as the truth of the matter is revealed to them both.

    It also marks the end of Sarah White’s life.

    In addition to Gwen Total, The Wire is a spinoff of The Blacklist, which was cancelled last year.

    The Wire, which aired for 10 seasons from 2006-2008 on CBS, was the most watched show on the network in 2005.

    The new show will also be co-produced by Dave and Katie Becky and co-executive produced by Dave Ehrlicher.

    Dave Becky is the author of the novel The Black List: The True Story of the True Black List, which has been adapted into a feature film by the same name.

    Katie Turdale is the co-creator and showrunner of the series.

    The co-stars include Tatiana Maslany (Penny Dreadful), David Arquette (Game of Thrones), and Ben Mendelsohn (Archer).

    GwenTotal premieres October 13th at 10 p.m. on TBS.

    For more details, visit the GwenTOTAL website.



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