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    A new Korean drama is set to be broadcast next year and will be a must-watch.

    Total Drama will tell the story of a young girl named Kim Ji-eun who was raised by her parents to be a total badass.

    She has a strong sense of duty, a deep desire to protect the people around her and a love of the military.

    The drama is expected to air in 2019.

    “It will be an unprecedented drama for me,” Kim said.

    “I hope that I have given my fans the opportunity to experience it.” 

    The drama, entitled K2, is set in the fictional country of South Korea.

    The story revolves around a young woman called Kim Ji, who has grown up in a military family.

    Kim is also an exceptional soldier, but at a young age her mother decided to give Kim a military uniform.

    Kim soon becomes a target of the North Korean military, and her father sends her to a special unit that tries to teach her to be good at the military and how to fight.

    Kim also discovers that she has the potential to become a powerful commander.

    The young Kim will be joined by a younger version of herself called Kim Joo-sung, a leader of a small group of soldiers who are tasked with protecting the people.

    Total drama will also tell the tale of a military officer who is a total hero who has a huge role in the drama.

    “It is a story about women in the military, which I am sure will be interesting for many people,” Kim Joon-hee, the creator of the drama, told BBC Sport.

    “The audience is looking for that feeling of a female being able to do something that is difficult and to be able to overcome challenges.” 

     “Kim Ji-eon has the opportunity as a leader and leader for the country.

    I am proud of the way I came up with this character and I am looking forward to watching the series.”

    Kim Ji is a soldier, a female soldier.

    She is one of the strongest characters in the show, Kim said, but the military officer will also be a powerful one.

    The military officer also has a daughter named Kim Jool-yeon who has been trained to be Kim Ji’s superior.

    Kim Ji and Kim Joor-yeo, Kim Joos-eon and Kim Jung-ho, will also play some of the most important roles in the story.

    Kim Jung Ho is the daughter of a former military commander and she is now a soldier who is trained to command troops. 

    Kim said Total Drama is set a long time in the future.

    “We will be able see the Korean War in 2020,” she said.

    Kim said she is very excited to be sharing Total Drama with the public.

    “In the past, the Korean military has been considered a military organisation and we hope that Total Drama can become a show about how people who are military members have to live their lives,” she added. 

    “It will help the public understand how we live our lives.”

    Kim added that the series will be based on a fictional country called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

    “When I was in school I had to learn about Korea, and the military has always been my main source of information,” Kim added.

     “I want to make a documentary that will show how a military unit operates and what people in the society are going through at that time.” 

    The drama is the brainchild of Kim Joun-woo, a filmmaker who lives in Seoul.

    The documentary, which is set for release in 2019, will be Kim’s first time doing a documentary.

    Kim has worked on a number of films for her father, including The Korean War, a drama that chronicles the Korean Civil War.

    “My father, who is also a filmmaker, made a film called The Korean Wars, and that was very important for me to do,” Kim told BBC News.

    “Now I have to focus on creating a documentary about the Korean war.”

    “I am very grateful to the Korean government for this opportunity.” 

    In order to make the drama a reality, Kim has enlisted the help of several famous Korean actresses.

    One of them is Kim Ji Won, who plays Kim Joom-sun, a character in the film.

    Kim says she has a deep connection with Kim Jung Ha, the actor who plays General Park Myung-seok.

    “Kim Jung Ha is the best actor in Korea and has the ability to take on the role of a male soldier,” Kim explained.

    Kim and her mother are currently in the process of writing the script for the drama and Kim is already excited to share it with the world.

    “The story is very complicated and I’m really looking forward watching it,” she told BBC. 

    “Total Drama will be the first Korean drama to be shown in the UK since Total Drama was shown in South Korea.” It



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