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    Posted November 21, 2018 17:28:28 When you’re watching video content, you’re likely to see lots of ads for products, services and services you don’t really need, like apps or services.

    But you might not realize that most of these ads are fake.

    We know that because we often see people clicking on ads to try to find something they might be interested in, like buying a new TV.

    To help you discover the real thing, Business Insider is taking a look at the best fake YouTube ads.

    Here’s what we found, from brands like Uber, Airbnb and UberX, to services like Amazon and Netflix.

    Here are our picks for the best ads to watch, right here on Business Insider:1.

    Uber: This ad was the most obvious fake ad.

    Its creators claim that the company has created an app that will “turn your commute into a movie experience.”

    But they never actually tell you which movie is being shown, and they don’t even show you the video they’re advertising.

    We have to wonder how this was done.

    They also appear to be selling UberX to customers for a very low price.2.

    Airbnb: This advert appears to be for a new rental car app, which is not what you’d call a good deal, but that doesn’t stop Airbnb from using it as an ad.

    In fact, the advert appears almost entirely to promote the rental app and to sell Airbnb, which isn’t too surprising.

    Airbnb doesn’t show any of the rental car ads on their website, but it has an Airbnb ad on YouTube and on Instagram.3.

    Amazon: This was a good ad, but the company does not show any ads on the video, so we can’t be sure whether it’s real.

    We would also assume that Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire tablet as a rental car for a discounted price.

    Amazon did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.4.

    Netflix: This video was clearly a fake, but we think its ads look like they are real.

    Netflix advertises on YouTube as an online streaming service, but they don and Amazon’s ad is not shown on YouTube.

    We don’t know if the company is selling Amazon Prime memberships or getting people to subscribe.5.

    UberX: This appears to have a legitimate purpose.

    The company advertises its ride-hailing service as “the most affordable and convenient way to travel anywhere in the world.”

    But we’ve seen many fake UberX ads on YouTube, so it’s not clear if it’s really advertising for UberX.6.

    Airbnb and Amazon: These ads are mostly about booking a hotel for a date.

    Airbnb advertises as a hotel booking company and Amazon advertises itself as an “online hotel marketplace.”

    But it seems like the companies have done nothing to advertise on their websites.



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