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    I have been thinking a lot about how to get girls to like me.

    I’m a smart, confident, successful, attractive man.

    What does this have to do with sex?

    What’s the difference between a guy who gets laid on a first date and a guy I like?

    The answer is: a lot.

    It’s the perfect storm for me.

    I was born into an incredibly privileged household.

    My dad is a top executive at a global, profitable company.

    He had a great, successful career and a fantastic wife.

    All of these things made me very attractive to girls.

    But I had a problem.

    As a teenager, I started to date girls who were a lot more into me than I was.

    These girls were into me because they wanted to have sex with me.

    But they also liked me because I was super-smart, super-fun, super popular and super-easy to get along with.

    They just wanted to make me feel good.

    So they put their heart and soul into making me feel really good, right?

    That sounds very noble.

    Then I discovered a few things: girls who like me have a very high threshold for sex.

    Girls who like to be fucked often have a high threshold.

    This is why a guy with a high “hookup” threshold often can’t get laid.

    The only way I could get laid was if I got a girl to like and trust me enough to let me fuck her, so I didn’t feel the need to fuck her in the first place.

    So, instead of trying to get her to like you, I just fucked her.

    Now, I’m not a bad person, but I’m also not a great person.

    And it was a lot easier to get a girl like that to like my dick than it was to get them to like a girl who I liked.

    A lot of guys are attracted to a lot of things.

    For example, some guys are more interested in girls who are sexy and cute.

    Another thing guys like is physical attractiveness.

    If a girl is attractive, she will get attracted to that guy, even if she isn’t sexually attracted to him.

    Some guys like physical strength and a strong sense of style.

    There’s nothing wrong with that.

    That’s why guys are so attracted to girls who have both physical and emotional attractiveness.

    It’s a very common misconception that you need to be very attractive in order to get women to like your dick.

    No, not at all.

    Look, guys are good at this.

    You can always be a little bit too physical or a little too emotional or too smart and make a girl feel like she doesn’t like you.

    But if you’re not very attractive and are a good person, that won’t matter.

    I’m going to explain this to you now.

    First, let’s understand what the concept of “sexual attraction” is.

    Sexual attraction is when you want to be attracted to someone.

    When you’re in a relationship, your primary goal is to be with someone who loves you.

    You want to get married, have kids, have a great career, be a great parent and have lots of sex.

    You want to feel good and loved and be happy.

    Even if you don’t like that person, it’s important to try to be in the relationship because that person needs you.

    That’s because your relationship with that person can have a lot to do for you in terms of your career, your relationship to your children, your financial situation and so on.

    In other words, the longer you have a relationship with someone, the more likely you are to be successful.

    Why do I say this?

    Because if you have sex, the chances of your relationship ending in divorce and losing all of your money are significantly increased.

    Of course, you can still get laid and still have a decent life, but you’re probably not going to be happy with your life.

    Instead, if you want women to want you, you need some way to get that attraction to start flowing.

    In other word, it needs to start in the bedroom.

    To get women’s attention, you must have sex.

    You need to make her want you in order for sex to become a sexual relationship.

    It doesn’t matter if you do this in a hotel room, in your bedroom, on a bus, on your balcony or even in the park.

    Women love a good sex game.

    I mean, I know this sounds like a weird idea, but women love to have fun.

    It’s a lot like playing video games.

    It can get pretty intense.

    But what if I told you that if you had a sex game with a girl and then she wanted to be your wife, then you would have sex on the spot?

    The answer to that



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