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    You’ve got the perfect movie for your Facebook wall: A high-octane comedy that takes place in a world where only a few are allowed to wear masks.

    But for the people in it, that doesn’t stop them from being the ones who can’t get their mask on.

    It’s also a perfect way to watch an episode of your favorite Netflix show.

    So why are movies and TV shows so popular?

    Here are 10 of the best movies that have made it to Netflix.


    Hallmark Christmas Carol: In the 1960s, a man and a woman meet in a snowy park and discover a magical holiday that could save the world.

    Hallmarch Carol is the story of the two men and the three women who journey together to find their gift and save the day.

    This is a must-see for anyone who has ever wanted to know what life was like for Christmas in the 1960’s.


    The Great Dictator: In this film, a ruthless dictator and a group of revolutionaries work together to overthrow the government.

    This film is not only a celebration of human freedom, but also a hilarious one.


    The Green Inferno: In The Green Apocalypse, a nuclear-powered ship goes into space and into a black hole to find its way out.

    It ends up being an incredibly funny story of survival and love.


    The Legend of the Black Cat: This 1980s cult classic is a true story of a man who takes his cat, which he believes is his reincarnation, and marries it.

    It is a film that’s a perfect example of how you can celebrate the holiday season with a fun holiday film that isn’t afraid to take you on a crazy ride.


    The Simpsons Movie: The Simpsons is the quintessential family movie, but it is also a great example of a holiday film.

    Homer Simpson and his family travel to Springfield to celebrate the birth of their beloved grandson, who’s been raised by his Aunt Lisa.

    The family is introduced to the holiday spirit by the cat, and they begin to celebrate.


    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: In Star Wars, a storm destroys the planet and all of the galaxy.

    This great film has a great sense of humor and action packed scenes, but its also a holiday movie.


    The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Spider-man is the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe, and this film has the perfect mix of fun and drama.

    This movie has a unique look and feel that’s very much in line with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: This film was made when Walt Disney was just starting to realize that he had a very different vision for Disney Animation than what he was seeing in the early ’80s.

    The film follows Snow White, the princess, as she is kidnapped by her uncle, the Black King.

    This leads to her quest for the Snow White crown and the rest of the Seven dwarfs.


    The Godfather: This movie is one of the earliest films in the history of films to include violence, but what sets this film apart is its emotional content.

    It takes place right after the death of the great crime lord, John Gotti.

    This has a lot of heart, and the violence is both graphic and hilarious.


    The Wizard of Oz: This 1939 film follows Dorothy Gale and her search for the Emerald City.

    This time, the film has an extremely serious tone, with many dark and sinister themes.


    The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across America: Buckaroo’s journey across America is a great film for fans of classic cartoons, but there’s something that sets it apart from most of the other movies: the humor.

    This comedy is based on the story that Buckaroo started as a little boy.


    The Incredible Hulk: This 1985 superhero movie is about Bruce Banner, who is an incredibly powerful and dangerous being.

    He is a character who has taken on many identities over the years.

    In this movie, Banner gets his first real break when he gets to be the Hulk and is forced to fight against his inner demons.


    The Muppets: Muppeteers is an American family show, and it is a classic.

    In Muppetry, a little mouse is the only one who knows how to dance.

    Muppet fans will love the music and the stories behind the Muppeter.


    Christmas in a Box: Christmas in an Box is a Christmas movie that features some of the most famous holiday movies from the 20th century.

    It has a story of two children who live in a house and spend the holidays together.


    The Christmas Tree: This 1989 animated film is a comedy that tells the story from the perspective of the Christmas tree.


    The Phantom of the Opera: In one of Hollywood’s best musicals, this movie tells the true story about the



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