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    How to deal with “blame games” and how to deal in a situation like this.

    — The Hill  on blk-australia  policies,blk edmont,blck korean source TheHill title South Korea bans TV show “The Blink and the Flicker” on the eve of election article The South Korean Broadcasting Corporation has banned the South Korean TV show The Blink And The Flicker, accusing it of “blaming the people for the country’s problems.”

    It was scheduled to air on July 13 on the KBS network.

    KBS, the countrys largest private television network, has taken the decision after watching the program.

    The show is based on a novel written by former President Park Geun-hye, and was a popular TV show when Park took office in 2013.

    “We will work hard to resolve the issue with the Korean people, KBS said in a statement released on Thursday.

    We believe that a decision is the best way to resolve this issue, the network said.

    This is a sensitive issue for the people of South Korea, which is facing rising crime rates and unemployment.

    We are working with our Korean partners to provide support and guidance to the people and will continue to monitor this matter closely,” it added.

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