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    The first season of The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story is now streaming on Netflix.

    And now, a new trailer has dropped for Season 2, which will premiere on March 12.

    The teaser comes from producer/director Todd Solondz, who has been working on the series for some time now.

    It also features the voice of the actor who played O. J. Simpson in season 1, David Haugh, who played the Simpson family lawyer, Gloria Allred.

    “The Truth about Murder Is not that bad,” Solond, who is the author of The Killing, tells EW.

    “I just wanted to say to people who think it’s good, you’re wrong.

    I don’t know how many people have watched the first season.

    I have no idea how many have seen the second.”

    The trailer is a bit more restrained than the first, with Solond’s face hidden behind a mask.

    It’s also a little more subtle about its subject matter, as the film focuses on the case against the former owner of the murder house, Frank Underwood, and the two men he killed, O.K.B. (Jason Bateman) and O. Scott (Dylan McDermott).

    The plot revolves around a series of murders and wrongful convictions.

    The first season will also focus on O. B. Simpson’s life in prison, as he fights to stay alive in a prison that has become his “perpetual prison.”

    The show will also introduce some new characters, including a woman who has never been seen before in the show.

    In the trailer, Solond talks about the show’s themes of family, friendship, and redemption.

    “It’s about family, and it’s about friendship and redemption,” he says.

    “It’s a very tough series.

    But it’s also very beautiful.

    It has a lot of great characters, and we’re just so excited to get back to work.”



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