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    “We’re all going to be saying, ‘You know what?

    This movie is going to have to be the best movie ever made.'”

    That’s how Oscar-winning cinematographer Jonathan Demme, a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, put it in an interview with The Wall St Journal.

    “We’re not trying to say that it’s going to hit the mark,” he said.

    “We are just saying that this is not going to make it.”

    For Demme and his team, this is all a matter of “taking risks,” which he explained is what makes their work so rewarding.

    “What’s important to us is taking risks,” he added.

    “It’s not always a good idea, but we like it when we have the opportunity to take risks.”

    And the studio is all too aware of that.”

    I think we’ve been very lucky to be in a position to be able to do that.”

    And the studio is all too aware of that.

    In fact, Demme said the studio was particularly proud of the way they have handled the film’s visual effects.

    “The visual effects are incredible,” he acknowledged.

    “The lighting and effects are spectacular, and there’s no shortage of talented people working on it.”

    So, is there any hope for a “The Hunger, Catching FIRE” sequel?

    We caught up with Demme to get his take.

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