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    You could make a lot of money on Christmas.

    You could buy a house, you could buy an SUV, you can even buy a $5,000 hand-carved wood carving, and you could probably get away with it.

    But if you want to be a true Christmas saver, you need to make sure you’re spending your money wisely.

    I’ve got a few tips to help you decide whether you should spend your hard-earned money on holiday.


    The budget should be flexibleThe budget should fit into your family’s budget and should not be overstuffed.


    Keep your expenses to a minimumIf you want a little extra cash for your Christmas gift, consider buying a few essentials like a holiday tree, a bed and a bedside table.

    You could save money by buying these items in bulk and putting them on a big, empty shelf for Christmas.

    Or, if you have extra money, consider getting a few of these items for your children.


    Look at your familyAs the budget is flexible, it can help to make some adjustments to your spending so you can get some bang for your buck.

    For example, consider adding an extra $100 a week to your grocery bill.


    Look for gifts and gifts aloneYou might be tempted to shop around for Christmas gifts, but this will only make you feel worse about yourself.

    If you don’t want to spend money on the gifts yourself, consider using a discount store or online gift shop.


    Make a plan for ChristmasThe plan you set for Christmas will help you to manage your money better for the holidays.

    If the budget gets too tight, stick to the plan and you’ll find that your savings can keep going up. 6.

    Shop around for other giftsThis will help ensure you’re getting enough gifts for the whole family, and that you’re not putting too much strain on your finances.

    For some people, it’s best to get a small number of different gifts, to keep them fresh.

    For example, you might decide to give a birthday gift to your son, while keeping your other Christmas gifts for yourself.

    This will help make sure that you don,t end up with a bunch of things you don t use.


    Keep track of your Christmas spendingThe budget will help to keep track of how much you’ve spent on Christmas and what you need for your budget.


    Save money on small purchasesThis can help you get some extra savings when shopping, and it can also save you a lot on Christmas presents.

    For instance, if your shopping plan is to save $500 for a gift card, you will probably end up saving $200 a year if you spend $1,000 a year on Christmas gifts.

    If, on the other hand, you have a $500 budget and spend $2,000 on Christmas, you’ll end up spending $600 a year.


    Shop smarterWhen you’re shopping for gifts, it may help to look for deals that are cheaper than your standard retailers, but you can also shop online or through local retailers.

    You can also try to save money on holidays if you’re already saving for your own future, such as by using a savings account, a gift certificate or a holiday gift card.


    Look into holidaysYou may not be able to spend Christmas at home, but the holidays can be an exciting time to spend.

    If you plan ahead, you may find it easier to manage holiday spending.

    You’ll get a good Christmas present, but a good holiday gift may also save a lot in the long run.

    This article was originally published on November 21, 2018.



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