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    With every new season of The Big Bang Theory comes a new wave of new actors and a new cast of characters, with a variety of storylines and new characters to interact with.

    But this season of the show has already introduced a whole new cast, and one of the biggest changes to this season was that there’s no longer a big reveal every week about what is happening on the show’s new island.

    Instead, each episode is just a series of big, unexpected revelations.

    The first big reveal was that we would see the arrival of Sheldon Cooper, the first-born son of Sheldon and Marnie, on the new island of “Kadala.”

    That’s actually not too surprising.

    Sheldon has been on the island for a while, and Mardie has always wanted Sheldon to be a part of the family.

    That being said, it was pretty surprising that it was just a small reveal and not a huge surprise that Sheldon would be the one who gets the news that Sheldon will be the new host of the island.

    The new island is really just a few days away, so why would we have to wait a whole week to see how this whole thing goes?

    That is, until Sheldon gets a call from Marnies mother, and it’s revealed that he is actually Sheldon Cooper.

    We then see the return of Sheldon’s sister, Penny, who will also get a new role in the new season.

    While we are seeing new characters and new storylines this season, the most notable change is the fact that the entire cast is now part of a new crew of people.

    While the season premiere did feature a major reveal about how the show is going to end, the season finale revealed that Sheldon’s mom, Penny (Amber Benson), is going back to the island with the new crew.

    There were also some big hints at the new show’s end game, including the idea that it will end with Sheldon’s dad being killed.

    The premiere of season 9 also teased that the new cast would reunite in “The Big Bang.”

    While I am sure fans are excited for more Sheldon and his crew, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the only reason the new actors have been able to join the cast of The B.B. Show is because of a very small line-up of actors, and that line-ups are extremely short.

    The writers of The Bachelor in a recent interview with Variety said, “We are in the process of casting a group of people who are all new to The Bachelor and who are in different places in their lives,” so that the writers can get to know them better before the season premieres.

    This line-by-line explanation of how Sheldon and Penny will end their relationship does not mean that they are going to have a romantic reunion, but it does mean that we will see some of the best chemistry we have seen in the show to date.

    And even if they are not together, the chemistry will definitely be there for them to hang out and have some fun with.

    In terms of the new stars, it’s not all bad news.

    Amy Sedaris will be back as Dr. Amy, and the new character of Penny is also returning, and I expect that we’ll be seeing more of the familiar faces from the new Bachelor.

    The biggest news for me this season is that the cast will have more time to interact, because I’m sure fans will be asking, “Is Sheldon going to make out with Marni or not?”

    It will be a fun time to see the rest of the cast, so keep checking back for more on that.

    The Big B.T. is premiering on April 5.



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