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    Gyllenshaal is the star of the upcoming historical drama Snowpiercer.

    The British actor is also one of the main characters of the film, which stars Matthew McConaughey, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, and Lupita Nyong’o.

    He plays the son of a Scottish politician who is forced to move to the Scottish Highlands when his father’s kingdom is invaded by a powerful Norse clan.

    In the film Gyllsenhaal plays a young man whose family is forced into a life of relative obscurity and isolation.

    “It’s one of those films where I can go, ‘Wow, I’m doing this right now,'” Gyllnhass said of the movie, in which he stars opposite Fassbinder.

    “I’ve always wanted to do a historical drama.

    And this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to it.

    It’s going to be a great film.

    I’m really excited.”

    Gyllnenhaal also said that he had a lot of fun in filming the movie.

    “The cast and crew were fantastic,” he said.

    “They’re just so talented.

    They’re so creative and they’re so funny.”

    Snowpiers, which has a budget of $1.1 billion, was created by James Ivory (American Hustle), Michael Gambon (Hogan’s Heroes), and Ben Affleck (The Dark Knight Rises).

    The film, directed by Chris Nolan, is set in the 16th century, and follows the exploits of a British adventurer named Richard Snowp (Fassbender) as he attempts to track down a mysterious group of Scottish mercenaries who have taken over a castle in the middle of nowhere.

    The story follows the mercenary team’s quest to capture the legendary Snowp of the Snowp Mountains, who has been known as Snowman.

    According to Gyllner, the story will also focus on the Scottish people, including their history, their culture, and their connection to the region.

    “We wanted to make sure that our film is a representation of the Scottish heritage in a modern way,” Gyllnshasaid.

    “This is a story about the British people, about the history of Scotland, about what it means to be Scottish.

    We’re going to explore how this is reflected in the people, and how that’s reflected in people’s actions.”

    Gylnhass is also set to direct the sequel to the popular fantasy movie The Lion King.

    In 2019, the film will be released in North America.



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