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    The NHL playoffs have come to an end, and the Stanley Trophy race is looking like it could go either way.

    The race to become the champion of the league will begin in Philadelphia on Wednesday night with the first-round game between the Blackhawks and Predators.

    The Blackhawks won Game 7 of the series 2-1 on Tuesday night and the Predators have a 3-2-0 record in the series so far.

    The Stanley Cup is the most valuable prize in sports, and it is the one trophy that no one wants to lose.

    It has become the ultimate symbol of success in American sports.

    The winner of the Cup, or the Stanley Cups in general, will be crowned on Sunday, Oct. 13.

    But there are plenty of other ways to see who is the best and who is a complete loser.

    Here are five things to know about the final four of the NHL playoffs:1.

    What to expect in the final 4 games:The final four will be a showdown between the Cup winners and the losers of the Western Conference finals.

    The Hawks will host the Capitals in the conference finals for the third time in five years, with the team that made it to the conference final in 2014 taking on the team from the Pacific in 2018.

    The Hawks will be coming off a season in which they finished with a 56-20-10 record.

    The Caps were one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference last season, so they are not expected to do as well this year.

    They will likely be favored to win the Stanley and the Presidents Trophy, and have a very talented roster.

    But the Blackhawks, Predators and Penguins will be battling for a wild card spot in the postseason.

    The Penguins are coming off an impressive run that included winning the Stanley title and finishing third in the Atlantic Division.

    The Penguins had a disappointing postseason, losing to the Capitals and Rangers in six games.

    The Capitals were a force in the Metropolitan Division last season and they will be looking to repeat that success this season.

    The Capitals will be without goaltender Braden Holtby for the entire series because of the groin injury he sustained against the Predators.

    Injuries have been a problem for the Capitals this year, but the team should be fine.

    The Rangers have a lot of talent on the roster, but they are one of only two teams in all of the Eastern conferences to not have a true superstar on the ice at the same time.

    The team will have to rely on Carey Price to get the job done and a team full of dependable, dependable players like defenseman Mark Borowiecki, goaltender Henrik Lundqvist and forward Ryan McDonagh to help them do that.2.

    How to find the playoffs:If you want to see the playoffs in person, you will have plenty of options for viewing the games in the United States.

    The best way to watch the Stanley Finals is on the ABCs ABCs YouTube channel, which has live streams and will stream all games for free.

    If you don’t want to watch it on your computer, you can subscribe to ESPN3 and the NHL Network to stream it on-demand for $9 a month.

    For more information on how to watch games, visit the Stanley Playoffs website.

    If there is a Stanley Cup playoff game that you’d like to watch, you might want to head to ESPN2 or ESPNU, which have both live streams of all the Stanley Series games.

    You can also check out the Stanley Stats at the website.3.

    How long will it take for the playoffs to end?

    The NHL playoffs are usually held on a Wednesday night, so the final eight games will likely end in a few hours.

    The final eight of the playoffs are scheduled to begin in New York on Wednesday at 10:30 p.m.


    The Blackhawks and Penguins are the only teams left to play the remaining seven games.

    If they win all of those, the Hawks and Predators will play in the second round and the Penguins will play the third.

    If the Hawks or Predators are eliminated in the first round, the Blackhawks will face the Penguins in the Western Finals at 7 on Tuesday, Oct 5.

    The Predators will face their Eastern Conference rivals, the Islanders, in the Round of 16 on Wednesday.

    The Predators and Blackhawks are not eligible to play in their first-ever Western Conference Final.

    The first-place Blackhawks and the second-place Predators will meet in the playoffs on Tuesday at 7:30 a.m., in New Jersey.

    The Western Conference Finals will be played at the Prudential Center on Wednesday, Oct 6.

    The winner of that game will face either the Blackhawks or Penguins in their second round.

    If either team wins the Western Division, the Western Cup Finals will take place on Thursday, Oct 7 at 6

    The final eight teams will play on Tuesday in New



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