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    “Dram” llamas.

    That’s the new title of the show on AMC, the network where the show first premiered in 2006.

    The llamas are a bit like the cartoon-like characters in “The Simpsons,” but the show takes a much darker and more serious tone.

    In addition to their adorable personalities, the llamas have a history of kidnapping and murder.

    The show’s creator, Robert Rodriguez, and executive producer, Jonathan Ross, have said they want the show to have “a more adult tone and a more dark, edgy feel.”

    That will be achieved by giving the llama families a new home, one that they will have to work with and overcome some of their hardships.

    “I think it’s going to be a great experience for them,” said Ross.

    “They have been through a lot.

    I think they’re going to learn some of those lessons. “

    But, in order to survive, they have to get over a lot of the bad things that they’ve been through.

    I think they’re going to learn some of those lessons.

    That will take some work, but they’re trying to learn how to deal with their new home. “

    So, the biggest challenge will be dealing with the llamasees, the children.

    That will take some work, but they’re trying to learn how to deal with their new home.

    It’s a big, huge challenge.”

    While the llams are not as popular as the Springfield residents or the townspeople, they are still a staple of the town.

    They are a staple among the town’s resident crime families, and they make up about 30 percent of the population, according to Ross.

    The new llamas will also have to deal not only with the challenges of growing up, but also finding themselves as a child.

    “That is the hardest part,” said Rodriguez.

    “You want to be the best little llama in the world.

    And you’re going, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do, I don’t think I’m gonna get into high school.’

    And I think that’s a huge challenge for them, too.”

    The llama family, who have a lot to deal in life, has to figure out a way to get by, Ross said.

    “We’ve tried to build up their confidence, and their self-esteem, and the way they’re raised, so they can be a little more secure, a little less worried about the world,” said the AMC executive producer.

    “In order to do that, they’ve got to be open to learning about themselves and how to relate to other llamas.”

    The series will also deal with the struggles of the llames.

    “Discovery” co-creator Steve Levitan has said that the llammasees are often portrayed as helpless victims, unable to take on any of their own responsibilities or their own needs.

    “The llama is not a hero,” said Levitan.

    “He’s a servant and he’s not a warrior.

    He’s just trying to survive.

    That really was the biggest issue that we had to wrestle with, how do we get the llaman family on the same page?

    And that was really the challenge.”

    The “Dance of the Llamas” is available to stream on AMC and other channels.



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