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    A mom says she’s still waiting to hear back from a producer who promised to make a film she made on her daughter that was 100% fake.

    A trailer of a video of a mother crying after her daughter’s birth has gone viral and she says the producer was lying about it.

    The mom told The Associated Press that she found out about the movie after it was posted on YouTube.

    She says the film featured her daughter crying while being fed by a puppy, and that she felt the producer manipulated her and her family to get it made.

    “I’m still waiting for the response,” the mom told the AP.

    The mother says she made the film to show her daughter she has the potential to become an actress.

    The woman made the video while her daughter was still in her mother’s womb, and she shared it on Facebook, where it garnered more than 200,000 likes.

    The trailer featured the mom saying her daughter had been born on Feb. 9, 2018, in New York City and her daughter is now 3 months old.

    She said the producer said she could have a child in January 2019.

    “He was going to make this film that was like this, and he was going get the money, he was gonna get the movie made, and I was going through this very difficult time and I wasn’t sure how much he would do to get the film made,” the woman said in the video.

    She also says she has never seen the trailer of the movie before and that it wasn’t produced by her daughter.

    “It was completely a fake trailer, and the whole thing was made up and completely staged,” the mother said.

    The producer said the mom’s video was based on an online article he wrote.

    “The video you have is a work of fiction, but it is not based on any real information,” the producer wrote on YouTube, adding that his company, Production Company Films, had a contract with the mother.

    “If you are interested in getting a copy of this, I am offering a refund of the money you paid me to make the film.”

    Production Company declined to comment on the video, but said in a statement: “The footage in question was produced by an independent production company.

    The video in question is fictional.

    This is a completely fictitious production company.”

    The mother told the Associated Press she thought she had made it clear in the trailer that she was a mom.

    “All of this is a lie,” she said.

    “And I’m still not happy with that.”



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