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    A daughter in custody has been taken into custody in Hong Kong after escaping from a drama production on the island.

    The child, who has not been named, has been living with her mother in the city for the past two months.

    Her father was present during the arrest of the young woman, who was arrested and questioned in front of police.

    The mother was arrested along with her daughter, who is currently in custody.

    “I was informed by my family that my daughter was arrested in front, and that I have to stay with her until the police arrest her mother,” said the mother, who asked not to be identified.

    “The mother’s husband was arrested as well, and I will also stay with my daughter until the family’s court order is enforced.”

    The mother said that she had no idea that her daughter had escaped, and she has yet to hear from her mother.

    “My daughter is scared and has nowhere to go,” she said.

    “She’s in a big city and can’t go anywhere.

    I hope that my child will be released soon, so I can return to my life.”

    The woman said that her two other children had also escaped from the production, and they were also detained by police.

    “They’ve been detained, too, and are being interrogated,” she added.

    “It’s difficult to know if they’re safe and what’s going on.”

    The family has been receiving support from Hongkongers who want to help.

    “We’re really concerned for our daughter’s safety, so we’re trying to contact the authorities,” the mother said.

    She added that she has received numerous calls from Hongks who were concerned about her daughter’s well-being.

    “Our daughter has escaped from our home, but she’s been taken away by the police and taken to the police station,” she explained.

    “When the police came to my house and arrested her, I had no choice but to hide my daughter in the basement.”

    A spokesperson for the Hong Kong police said that they would not comment on individual cases, and only confirmed that a child under the age of 10 has been arrested.

    The family of the detained mother also said that police did not take into account their concerns when deciding to arrest her.

    “Their response was to just arrest her and let her go, and we’ve been left in no other option than to file a complaint,” the daughter’s mother said, adding that she is trying to file an official complaint with the Hongkongs National Police against the Hongks police.

    In the meantime, the mother has not received a response from the police.

    On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Hong Kong’s Hong Kong government also said they have not received any complaints about the arrest.

    “At this stage, we can only speculate,” the spokesperson said.



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