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    — President Donald Trump’s election victory last November ushered in a moment of reckoning for the United States.

    The next day, his administration began rolling back protections for immigrants, a move that would eventually force millions to flee the country.

    Then, on Jan. 20, 2018, Trump issued an executive order that would effectively ban people from six Muslim-majority countries — Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen — from entering the U.S. and bar all refugees indefinitely.

    The order had some unexpected and unintended consequences.

    It opened the door to an influx of people who could potentially harm U.N. officials and security personnel.

    A lot of the people that we’re worried about are going to be Muslims and they’re going to go back to places that have been devastated by war and terror, so we need to be very careful about it.

    That’s why it’s called the Muslim Ban.

    It’s also why the executive order was rescinded a day later.

    The president’s administration has since said the ban was intended to be temporary, and that the U,S.

    has since become more secure from foreign terrorist fighters and violent extremists.

    But those assurances have been quickly undermined by Trump’s actions.

    The executive order did not bar Syrian refugees from entering, and it does not block people from Iraq from entering.

    It also does not bar people from Sudan from entering — and Trump has yet to publicly announce plans to do so.

    “If we were to allow a large influx of refugees from Syria to enter the United State, the United Nations Security Council would have to suspend the resettlement program,” said Chris Gowan, a former Homeland Security secretary under former President Barack Obama.

    And while Trump’s executive order temporarily barred refugees from Iran, Gowan said it would be a dangerous precedent to abandon the U.,S.

    security and diplomatic relationships with that nation.

    “There’s no question that the United Kingdom and the U of A have a relationship with Iran, and they have a longstanding relationship with Syria.

    They’re very much in our interests and they will continue to be so,” Gowan added.

    “The president has a responsibility to ensure that the security of the United of America is maintained.”

    The Trump administration’s actions were already having a major impact.

    By the end of the week, the U.-S.

    military had deployed to Iraq to support Kurdish forces against Islamic State, and by Friday, the Trump administration had closed all U.K.-based facilities and sent the entire embassy to the Ummah in Kuwait, according to U.C. Berkeley research.

    But the administration’s decision to suspend refugee resettlement was especially dramatic.

    More than 2 million people have fled to the United Stated in recent years, and most are Syrians.

    “If the refugees are allowed in, then the Syrian refugees will be the majority, and so they’re not going to want to be resettled in the United states, and those refugees are going back home to Syria,” said Gowan.

    “It will be devastating for the country, for the refugees, and for the U-S.

    because the U.’s reputation will be tarnished.

    So we have to be careful.”

    Gowan said the administration was also “extremely worried” about the possibility that the ban would trigger attacks on U.s. soil.

    If the refugee resettlement ban is rescinded, there’s a risk that these people could come back and launch a massive attack against us, Gowans said.

    “That’s something we are concerned about.

    We’re going through a period right now of a lot of uncertainty about what the next five years will be like, but it’s very hard to predict how bad it will get.”

    Trump’s executive orders on refugees were also met with widespread backlash from Republicans in Congress and within the White House.

    In the past few days, GOP lawmakers have warned that the temporary ban on refugees would make the country less safe.

    It also created a political quandary.

    Trump, who is known for his outspoken criticism of the media, often attacked the media as being unfair and unfair to him.

    Trump has repeatedly said that the media is biased against him, and he has also vowed to “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington, D.C., by getting rid of all of the political insiders.

    Democrats have pointed out that the president has taken a more hard line on the refugee ban than any other president in U.A. history, and their efforts to get the order rescinded have been met with strong opposition.

    Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., who is also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that Trump’s refugee ban was “wrong and dangerous,” and that it was “a major setback for America and a huge mistake.”

    “The United States is now the largest refugee nation in the world and the world will continue down a dangerous path if



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