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    The cult drama Sisterhood, which is set in New Zealand, has become the subject of a fresh controversy, with the creator, the author and the film’s distributor not identifying themselves.

    It was released in 2013 and starred a group of young women from a Christian family.

    The film’s creator, David Ewers, who is also the head of the group, said he was not involved with the project, but was a consultant on the project.

    Ewters is also a member of the church, which he founded.

    In a statement, he said: “I was approached to do the film but was not interested in the project and it was only after a period of consideration that I decided to pursue a film career.”

    He said the film had been in development for several years.

    “I am not the writer or director of Sisterhood.

    The script was written by David Ewen and is my original work.”

    But the film did not include a name, saying only that it was an “illustrated depiction of the lives of three young women who are in a religious cult”.

    A spokesman for the company that produced the film said: “[The film] was developed for a very specific purpose by David and his team and has been developed and published under licence in Australia and New Zealand by a film producer.”

    The spokesman said the organisation had not received any complaints about the film.

    A spokesman at the film distributor said it had not seen the film, and would have no further comment.



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