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    Helen Mirrlees is the perfect foil for James Gandolfini in The Man Who Bought his Soul.

    The star plays a beautiful young woman, Elizabeth (Miguel Ferrer), who is sold into slavery and is subsequently rescued by the British government, but she finds herself falling in love with her captors husband, who has been sold into servitude as a “black slave”.

    Helen is rescued by a former British soldier, Captain John (John Cusack), and is sent back to England.

    Mirrlee plays Elizabeth’s former slave, Captain David (Rachael Harris), a kindly man who has always been loyal to his wife and children.

    They form a loving family and are able to keep each other going despite the difficult life that their lives lead them.

    Helen, who recently starred in the critically acclaimed BBC series A Beautiful Mind, is nominated for a Bafta nomination for best supporting actress for her role as Elizabeth.

    “This film is about Elizabeth and her life,” Mirrles said.

    “I think we’ve been through so much in this country, and to be able to capture the spirit of her life is really important.

    It’s a lovely story and I love the way that it’s told.”

    Mirrances work on the movie was supported by the BBC, The Smiths, ITV, ITV2 and a number of other partners.

    The cast and crew also included Maggie Smith (The Girl on the Train), Richard Curtis (A Few Good Men), and Nick Robinson (Blackadder).

    A representative for Mirrls production said: “Helen is a star of British television and has been an integral part of the production since its conception in 2006.

    Her work has been used by the film industry, television channels and, most recently, a major US drama series, The Man in the High Castle.

    We are grateful to Helen for her contributions to the project and look forward to watching it in the cinema.”

    Helen Mirratlees is nominated in the Palme d’Or at the London Film Festival for her portrayal of Elizabeth, who was sold into a life of slavery by her husband, the former British commander of the Indian Ocean Territory.

    The Man who sold his soul, from James Gandalfi.

    Helen Mirranlees stars in the British-Indian drama, The Woman Who Sold her Soul.

    Helen and her family are sold into the Indian Pacific Territory of the British empire.

    She is rescued and freed by a British officer who has just become her new husband, Captain Jonathan (John Cleese).

    “We are delighted that the cast and team at Mirrillees have been so generous with their time and talent, which was greatly appreciated,” said Mirralees principal producer, Chris Chabon.

    “The cast and writers are incredible, and we have the greatest appreciation for their work.

    We will be looking forward to seeing this film in theatres and will be supporting the production with our membership.”

    Helen is one of only three actresses nominated for an Oscar for best actress for a British-language film this year.

    In 2017, actress Sophie Turner won the award for best lead actress for The Ladykillers, her film starring Elle Fanning.

    “Helene is the most beautiful, powerful and beautiful person that I’ve ever known,” said Chabons director of production, Christopher De Luca.

    “Her work and her love of life are so touching and so touching for the people who have experienced the worst, who have suffered in the most horrific way.”

    Helen, whose real name is Helen Ann Wilson, has been in a number from BBC series Blackadder, Doctor Who and The Thick of It, including the BBC series Ladykillers.

    “To be nominated for this Baftas and nominated for Baftab is incredible,” she said.

    “I was incredibly honoured and humbled to be a part of this production.

    I’ve worked on so many great projects in my career, and I couldn’t be more proud of all of my accomplishments. “

    For all of the wonderful work I’ve done over the years as a actress, director and producer, I have never been so thrilled to have been nominated for one of the Baftaus and to have it be my own.

    I look forward too to the rest of the year to continue to be part of their legacy.””

    And, I want to thank the BBC for allowing me to be in this film.

    I look forward too to the rest of the year to continue to be part of their legacy.”



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