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    Davids favourite friends and former lovers have been left shocked after discovering the full extent of his love life after they discovered he was cheating on them.

    The drama has seen Davids ex-wife, Olivia Smith, become a new target in Davids quest to win back the heart of his former best friend, Vivziepop, after he was accused of having a crush on her.

    She is also accused of being the reason Davids former best mate, Dave McLean, ended their relationship.

    But the former lovers drama, which has aired on the Discovery Channel, has also left Davids friends, including his children, feeling confused.

    Davids and Vivziep are both based in Wellington, New Zealand, but the drama is set in New Zealand in the 1960s.

    Vivziep is based in the town of Kew, in the South Island.

    Smith is based at the Gold Coast in New South Wales, Australia.

    In the new drama, Smith is accused of cheating on Davids with a former lover, but has insisted she has been innocent.

    When he is arrested in the new series, Davids and his wife, Olivia, discover the true extent of their relationship and realise it has been going on for years.

    It was revealed that Smith, who has a history of heart problems, had lied to Davids for years to get his forgiveness and regain control over their relationship, but he still loved her.

    They were married in 2014, when Smith was 34.

    However, the drama has cast a huge shadow over Davids relationship with Vivzie pop, who was the first person he married after their breakup in 2011.

    “I am very confused.

    He said he was going to get a divorce and then he does it,” Smith said in the episode.

    A source close to the series said: “It’s so bizarre and shocking.

    “It seems he just wanted to get rid of Vivzie. “

    He didn’t realise the pain she’s gone through. “

    It seems he just wanted to get rid of Vivzie.

    He didn’t realise the pain she’s gone through.

    After Smith was arrested, she was given a court date of October 14, but said she would not attend.

    She was due to face court again on November 14.

    Now, her family has said they have not spoken to her since, but are hoping she will come forward and tell them what has happened.

    More to come.



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