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    My parents were married for five years, and we were living in the capital Seoul when my husband, a medical doctor, got engaged to a Japanese girl in the mid-1980s.

    We met while working in the hospital and I was working as a receptionist, and he was a nurse.

    As soon as I got the news, I was devastated.

    I knew I wanted a child.

    I wanted to have a daughter who would grow up to be a doctor, a lawyer or a writer.

    It’s not like I wanted the child to be my mother, but my husband and I both wanted to be parents.

    At first, we struggled to find a suitable candidate for our daughter.

    They all looked at me like I was crazy.

    But as time passed, I felt more and more attracted to her.

    She was very young, beautiful, and had a lot of potential.

    She had an older sister, but we were able to arrange a surrogate.

    I have always been open with my husband about my feelings for my child, even when she was very, very young.

    I was happy to let my husband know how much I loved him, and that he could tell me whenever he felt sad.

    He would always be there for me.

    I felt like I had a family in my head, and I had lots of respect for my husband.

    We also decided to take a year off work to give her time to find the right match.

    I never thought that I would have a child when I was 25, and in a country like Korea, that means everything.

    I am thankful that I had the chance to find my child before the rest of the world.

    I will always be grateful to my husband for giving me the chance and for choosing me for the life I wanted.

    My parents are now married again and are expecting a baby girl soon.

    I think it is a great honor for them to have me as their daughter.

    My husband and my daughter are now friends and they are getting along well.

    I hope that they both continue their education, so that they will be able to have children when they want to.



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