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    What if the drama and gossip surrounding the sport were fake?

    A few weeks ago, the NRL announced that it would be closing its 2017 premiership season.

    It was announced that the NRL had taken a “very significant” hit from the ongoing corruption scandal, and it had not been able to attract a single new member to the league.

    It said it was considering all options to ensure the club had a “fair, equitable and transparent” process to choose new members. “

    The NRL has taken a very significant step to improve the way the NRL operates and to make it better for all stakeholders.”

    It said it was considering all options to ensure the club had a “fair, equitable and transparent” process to choose new members.

    But in an interview with Fairfax Media, former NRL player Jason Taumalolo said that the decision was a sign of the times.

    “It’s a reflection of the changing times,” he said.

    “[The NRL] can’t afford to make another change like this.

    If they’re going to go with the same old, same old people, they need to make some changes to what they’re doing.

    There are people out there that are genuinely unhappy with the way they’re running the NRL, and there’s people that are truly unhappy with what the NRL is doing.”

    They need to step up, and they need the people that want to see it change.

    They need to take some of the blame, and I don’t think they’re ready to do that.

    “But what if the NRL did go back to its old ways?

    Former NRL player Josh Mahoney says it’s time for the NRL to do something about corruption and player safety.

    Jason Taumlolo says the NRL needs to take responsibility for the scandal.

    He’s one of the people who will be watching to see if the AFL takes the NRL down the same path.

    The AFL has not yet announced its stance on the NRL’s future.

    Is it a problem for the AFL to look to change its game?

    Not necessarily, according to AFL president Gillon McLachlan.”

    I don’t know about the AFL, but I’d certainly think it’s a big deal,” he told SEN on Tuesday.

    It’s not like they’re just going to sit back and say, ‘Well, we’ve got a problem, let’s just not play AFL football anymore’.

    It seems like a big step forward for the sport.

    I’m not sure there’s been enough evidence yet to be sure, but at the end of the day it’s not something we’d be doing, would we?

    It was also revealed on Tuesday that the AFL’s board of directors has decided to hold a special meeting to discuss the NRL issue.

    Should the AFL take the NRL off the agenda?

    The NRL could still be a part of the AFL as a member of the A-League.

    In 2014, the AFL and NRL agreed that the league would operate in a different way to the AFL.

    And the NRL would operate as a professional league, with the AFL having the right to select and appoint players.

    That means the AFL could potentially have a different governance structure than the NRL.

    Would the AFL be better off without the NRL?

    Yes, it would, and with the current structure, that would be a no-brainer.

    Could it be better for the game in general?

    Absolutely, because we’ve had so many scandals in the past.

    If we’re going down that road, we’ll be a better sport in the long run.

    What does the AFL want to do about corruption?

    As for the current governance structure, the union is set to discuss how to address the issue at its next board meeting on October 15.

    Why do people think the AFL should be in charge of football?

    I think the NRL has had a bad reputation over the years.

    I think that they’ve lost their way and have taken the wrong decisions.

    If they had gone back to being the AFL then they would be much more focused on their job of getting to the next stage of growth.

    They’ve had their own scandals, they’ve had to deal with the fallout of other things and the things that come with it, but they’ve always been very focussed on growth.

    They’ve been the ones that have pushed the game forward.

    They’ve been responsible for getting us to where we are today.

    They’re the ones who have been the custodians of the game and the ones in charge, but also the ones pushing the sport forward.



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