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    Dram is a genre of music that originated in the 1970s and 1980s, originating in the music of the late, great R&B singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ, David Dobrik.

    Dictionaries for the genre are hard to come by, and it is generally defined by the sound of the song rather than the content.

    It can range from the gritty beats of The Supremes to the synth-laden pop of A Tribe Called Quest.

    In its most modern incarnation, it’s known for the use of the genre’s catchy, raucous, and infectious tunes.

    But the genre has also been embraced by artists and artists-in-residence.

    Kendrick Lamar and his fellow rappers, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Pusha T, have embraced the genre, as have artists like Britney Spears and Taylor Swift.

    These artists have used the genre to reach audiences and reach new fans in a way that has not been possible with the past, Dobriksdram.

    The genre has now evolved into something that is more than just a catchy tune.

    Dobricks genre has become the new hip-hop and pop music.

    In an interview with Vulture, Dobrrik spoke about the evolution of his style and his influences.

    He explained that it is about the sound and the vibe.

    He said, “I’m just looking for music that’s going to be loud and heavy and loud and dark.

    The most important thing to me is not just the music, but the attitude, the attitude of the person listening.”

    As Dobrriksdrams style evolved, so did his relationship with his music.

    He has collaborated with a number of artists, including Wiz Khalifa, Lil Yachty, Future, and Young Thugs producers.

    While some of the artists he’s worked with have been vocal about their influences on his style, he has also talked about the fact that he is not a rapper and is not interested in it.

    “I don’t know why I put that label on myself,” Dobriksdram said.

    “It’s kind of a big ego thing for me, because I feel like I’m not that artist.

    I feel so comfortable in my own skin, and I feel comfortable with myself.

    I’m a singer, I’m an artist, I like making people happy, I think that’s how I should be.”

    Dobries style has been embraced for the way that it evokes a sound and a vibe that is not necessarily what people expect of hip-hoppers.

    “The thing that people don’t understand is that I’m using music and making music that is fun, not serious, and not necessarily the type of music you would think of as a hip-Hop artist,” he said.

    The style is also not what most of the music industry expects from rappers.

    In 2014, R&ampop released their second album, which featured the hit song “Phenomenal.”

    The album was one of the highest-selling records of 2014, and was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

    But that’s not to say that rappers can’t be creative, and Dobrikis style is not typical of what hip-Hoppers have to deal with.

    In fact, the hip-HOP community is so diverse that it has been able to craft an incredibly diverse sound.

    The best example of this is “Prayin,” a song on the upcoming third album from The Roots.

    The song is called “Rapper’s Delight,” and it’s a song that is very reflective of hip hop and what the rappers are dealing with.

    The track begins with the rapper, “My God, they’re going to get me in jail,” as the song opens.

    This line is spoken in a slightly melodic voice and is followed by a booming bass drum.

    It then moves into a slower, more melodic beat that builds towards the chorus, with the lyric “My dad told me that when you do your time, you do it for the right reasons.”

    The lyrics are then followed by the rapper saying “I’ve been going to jail for the wrong reasons.”

    This is the kind of song that does not fit into the typical hip- Hop mold.

    The artist has made a conscious decision to create something that resonates with the audience, rather than just for the sake of it.

    The first track off the third album is called, “Ride.”

    The track is titled “Rider,” and is a song about riding.

    The line, “It is so easy to say it’s about ride,” is used to describe the way the song is about riding the bus and the people around you.

    The second track off of the album, “The One,” is called,”A Ride,” and the song begins with a spoken-word piece of music.

    The narrator says, “He was an



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