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    The latest period dramas are coming!

    We’ve got news for you: There are a lot of them.

    Not just in terms of their release dates, but the titles.

    Here are some of the latest films in the genre, as well as the synopsis and trailer:  The Dark Knight Rises  (November 22) –  The film will be released in 3D from the beginning, but with a slightly different title, with the film now known as The Dark Knight.

    The movie has received mixed reviews, with critics describing the film as a dark, disturbing, and disturbing story that will make many of you shudder at the thought of watching it.

    It’s also currently filming in Greece.

    The Dark Ride  (December 14) – The movie is set in the 1920s and tells the story of a family that moves to a farm in the Midwest to care for their sick and elderly parents.

    The film is based on the novel The Big Black by Charles Dickens.

    The story has been adapted for television by The Great British Bake Off and the BBC adaptation The Big Breakfast has also been in production. 

    The Big Breakfast – The film will take place in 1930s America, where a couple who are having a baby are invited to an event that the event organisers have been planning for a few months.

    They have decided to stage the event for the first time in a few years, and so the event has been cancelled. 

    In the town of Boca Raton, Florida, an older woman, Betty, becomes a surrogate mother to a baby girl and takes her to a nearby town to give birth. 

     The Baby Is Born (December 20) – Based on the book The Little House on the Prairie, this film follows a young boy, named Joe, who grows up in a small town in Texas where he grows up to become a farmer and a football coach.

    He discovers a mysterious force called The Great Blue that will soon destroy the town. 

    The Great Blue (January 7) – This will be the first of three films set in Texas in the 1930s.

    The characters will live on the farm that Joe has been raised on, where he meets a woman named Sarah. 

    Battling The Great Red Dragon (January 7)- The story will follow the adventures of the young boy named Joey who lives with his mother and his grandfather on a farm.

    They are all caught in a battle between an ancient evil and a newly formed army of the dragon. 

    Fatal Flaw (February 6) – Written by Michael Hirst and directed by Robert Duvall, this movie tells the stories of four siblings and their mother, who is trying to find their father in the city of San Francisco. 

    My Mother’s Son (March 15) – An American comedy set in a fictional town called Parma, California.

    The main character, a young man named Jack, travels through the streets of the fictional town trying to get to his mother. 

    Mermaids of the Bay (May 4) – A thriller set in 1970s San Francisco, this will follow two sisters, played by Julia Roberts and Naomi Watts, as they try to make their way through the city in search of their father. 

    Trolls (June 12) – After a few seasons in the news, Trolls will finally hit the big screen. 

    Trailer and synopsis: Trolling (November 21) – Set in a 1980s America that has been overrun by a group of trolls, this story follows three friends who meet a man named Peter, who goes to a school in the fictional San Francisco where he becomes a professor. 

    A Tale of Two Towns (April 16) -Set in a real-life town in New York, this drama follows the lives of three people who are in the middle of a civil war and have to fight off their former enemies. 

    Goblins vs. Zombies 2 (July 5) –  This is a sequel to the critically acclaimed hit Gorillas vs. The Zombies released in 2015, with new characters and a new location. 

    Newcomers to the genre include Loving (September 19) – set in an alternate version of the 1930’s, this is a film about two sisters who meet and fall in love. 

    Candy Crush Saga (October 19)  – Set at a time when the Internet is still in its infancy, this feature film follows two girls who find a mysterious package and are taken in by a mysterious man in a castle. 

    How to Train Your Dragon 2  (January 8) – Another sequel to The Hunger Games, this time set in 2040, this new movie follows a group that must protect a city in an age of dragons. 

    This movie is expected to be released sometime in the future. 

    Dark Knight Rides Again 



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