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    Korean Historical Drama (KHES) is the latest TV series to get a Korean dub, bringing a mix of Korean and English content to the Korean audience. 

    The series stars actress Kim Hyun-jin, a former model, and Lee Jae-sang, a professional tennis player. 

    Its first episode aired on April 24, and the series is expected to continue in Korean TV and online streaming until late May. 

    It’s the second major Korean drama to be dubbed in English, following the critically acclaimed American drama Black Sails, which was dubbed in French. 

    KHERS will premiere on May 2. 

    For more on KHERS, watch: How the Korean Drama Community is Taking Over Hollywood The new series is the most comprehensive English-language drama broadcast in Korea, and it marks the first time a Korean drama series has received an English dub. 

    In 2017, the BBC dubbed two dramas on the US version of American television, and K-dramas have been broadcast on the Japanese and Korean versions of the same BBC series. 

    On the Korean version of the show, Kim Hyunjin, the former model who became a professional player, is a former tennis player and a former actress. 

    Lee Jae-yong is a tennis player, a lawyer and a lawyer in law. 

    They’re all portrayed by the same actress, Lee Seok-woo, who is best known for her role in The Big Bang Theory. 

    “The show is very much about the changing world of Korean television, from the very beginning of the 20th century, when the television industry was really starting to grow and become more popular, to the present day,” said Jang Jae-hyun, director of the BBC’s Korea program.

    “It’s really exciting to see a Korean series in English. 

    And it’s also a very interesting development for the Korean language and the Korean entertainment industry. 

     “I think there is a lot of work to be done in this space, especially when it comes to the language of Korean drama. 

    A lot of people have been working on this and the English language itself, but it seems like it’s really time for Korean drama and the drama industry in general to take a step forward,” he added. 

    Despite the high-profile nature of the project, Korean Drama is not the first English-dubbed Korean drama broadcast on UK television. 

    Earlier this month, the first episode of The Office in the UK aired on BBC America, with the English dub being performed by the team of American actors David Koechner and Kelly Reilly. 

    This is the first Korean drama that BBC America has performed in the US. Following Office, Korean Drama will be followed by Sugar in the Sky, an American drama from CBS in 2018. 

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