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    The internet is buzzing about a new YouTube star, Maddy, who’s been creating videos on her phone in her spare time.

    Maddy has been known to post videos on YouTube, but she’s also made some of the most bizarre and outrageous videos imaginable, including one in which she appears to be having sex with a tiger in the middle of a jungle.

    She’s also created some videos for her family, which include her son and daughter, which have attracted more than 1.2 million views.

    YouTube star Maddy’s bizarre videos have attracted millions of views.

    But when Maddy decided to launch her YouTube channel, it was quickly picked up by major media outlets.

    So what makes Maddy tick?

    YouTube star, YouTube starMaddy is a new phenomenon.

    She’s the latest star to emerge from the internet age, with a loyal following and a YouTube following that’s grown to more than 30 million.

    Maddys YouTube channel has more than 200,000 subscribers, and her videos are seen by nearly two million people every day.MADDY’S NEW MESSAGEBOOK”A little girl wants to be a princess.”

    “If she doesn’t want to wear princess shoes, they don’t work.”

    “It’s like if you don’t want it to be hot outside but you don: you don to cool it.”

    “A big sister wants to have a boyfriend, and then you don.”

    “When she is in the shower, she gets wet, then she gets super excited.”

    “And I don’t like when she is sad because I am sad too.”

    “So I don to tell her I am not happy because I have never felt sad.

    And I want her to not feel sad.””

    I’m in a bad mood because I’m a good girl.””

    What’s your secret?””

    I am not a bad girl, I am a normal girl.”MADDIES FACEBOOK PAGE”I was just sitting here, watching my videos on my phone.””

    How long is your dad?””

    One month, he just died.

    He was a great dad.””

    Why do you love animals so much?””

    You don’t know what you’re missing.””

    They are not just animals.

    They are humans too.”

    YouTube starMaddies latest video has attracted a huge amount of attention.

    “I love animals because they are so beautiful,” she says in the video.

    “I love them because I want to be loved by them.”

    “People are always like, ‘Oh you don\’t want to go out with the kids?’

    But if I’m with them I feel comfortable.””

    There are no bad guys.

    I am the best friend in the world.””

    No one is going to like me.

    And that’s because I love them so much.””

    You can’t fake it.

    And the truth is that when you are happy you are like the greatest.””

    But it’s just me.”

    Maddy has been nominated for a slew of awards, including a best young adult series, and recently took home a coveted Golden Globe Award for best young actress.

    “The only thing I hate is that people are always judging me.

    It is so unfair,” she told Australian Broadcasting Corporation.”

    But you can do whatever you want.”MADIES FACE BOOK PAGE”When I first started, I was very shy.

    And it was just me and my phone.

    But now I am very outgoing.””

    The thing I love about my dad was that he never said anything negative about me.

    He never told me, ‘You’re not a good mother, you’re not good, you are not a real girl.'””

    It is just a story of my life.””

    That’s how I feel about myself.””

    He’s my hero.

    It’s how he lives his life.”

    YouTube stars most-viewed video in historyMADDys videos have garnered millions of followers.

    But some people are not happy with her new lifestyle.

    “There is a very, very big stigma in the public eye for women,” she said.

    “It can be difficult for women to get recognised for what they do.

    And what they are.

    It can be challenging for them to be seen as anything other than a mom.””

    My parents don’t understand why I do what I do.

    They think I’m trying to be funny.””

    We just want to make our own lives.

    And we’re proud to be women.””

    Maddie is not a normal YouTube star.

    She is a crazy, out-there YouTube star.””

    YouTube is a huge platform.

    People are addicted to it.”

    Maddy said that people can find her on YouTube just about anywhere, but that she doesn\’t need to get into any sort of trouble.

    “You are not alone, people are out there and they are looking for a new, new, amazing, cool, funny, exciting, inspiring, unique YouTube star,” she added.

    “That is what YouTube



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