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    I have been told many times that if you want to be happy and healthy you need to have a doctor that knows what’s best for you.

    However, if that’s not true, what is?

    I’ve read countless articles online that say you can’t trust doctors, or that the best doctors are not good doctors.

    What about the truth?

    The truth is that the doctors you see on TV and the people you meet in the hospital aren’t all bad doctors. 

    But they all have the same things in common: they all are doctors, and they all know the best thing to do for you is go to them.

    For those who are unsure, here are the top 10 reasons doctors have to treat you well: 1.

    They care about your health.

    If you have a serious illness, a broken arm or a neck injury, or a head injury, you will have to take a long time off work or home.

    But with an emergency situation, you can call your doctor right away, and a doctor will take care of you. 


    They know how to treat your pain.

    Doctors are experts in pain. 

    They know what causes pain, and how to manage it. 3.

    They are willing to help you with any problem you have.

    You will probably have to talk to a doctor about a medical issue, but most of the time he or she will be happy to help. 


    They don’t worry about your finances.

    The biggest barrier to health insurance coverage is money.

    So when you are sick, you have to figure out how to pay your bills and keep yourself healthy.


    They will treat you with compassion.

    A doctor is an equal opportunity employer and patient. 

    He or she is there to help, and you can ask them any question you have, even if they may not know everything there is to know about you.


    They make the best choices for you based on your age, gender and ethnicity. 

    Women are more likely to have serious health problems that require a doctor visit.


    They understand your body and how it responds to medications and surgeries. 

    Men are more sensitive to the effects of medications and surgery. 

    If you are pregnant, they will probably help you if you are not able to find a doctor who can perform a safe and effective treatment. 


    They listen to your needs. 

    You are likely to hear that your needs are different than your doctor’s, or you need extra care, or they don’t know how the procedure is done. 


    They want to help make sure you feel comfortable in the medical office. 

    Even though you may not be aware of what is happening in the room, a doctor knows that you are here to have your medical history checked and to make sure everything is OK. 10.

    They can give you the right advice based on what you know. 

    When you talk to the doctors at your local hospital, they know that the people they see are going to need care.



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