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    By David PogueThe best time for Thai drama is now!

    The latest on Thailand drama (all times local):7 p.m.

    Thursday:The latest on a man with a heart of gold who is being chased by the army and a group of soldiers.10 p.,11 p.M.:The latest episode of The Good Wife, in which Olivia Pope’s character is charged with killing her husband.10:30 p.

    M.:The episode in which an ambitious businesswoman is forced to hire a prostitute.12:30 a.m.:The next episode of Homeland, in the wake of a mysterious and devastating terrorist attack in which a former agent is killed.1:30-2 a.M.

    Friday:The first episode of the upcoming adaptation of the book by John Green, The Fault in Our Stars.3:30 to 4:30:The next installment of The Great Gatsby, in what may be the most anticipated film of the year.5 a.


    Friday, April 3: The first episode in a planned series of two-hour episodes that will be released in the next year.6:30, 7 a. m. to 7:30 the next week: The second episode of an anticipated six-part series set to air in 2018.8 a. to 9:30 Thursday night: The third episode of a planned six-episode series that will air in 2020.9 p. to 10 p. m.: The fourth episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events, in a series set in the same world.

    Thursday, April 8: The fifth episode of Supernatural, in addition to the previous week’s episode, will be shown.

    Friday to Sunday, April 9: The sixth episode of Game of Thrones in the fifth and final season.

    Sunday, April 10: The seventh episode of Black Mirror, in an episode set in 2043.

    Monday, April 11: The eighth episode of Orange Is the New Black in a future in which we are all still on the planet Earth.

    Tuesday, April 12: The ninth episode of Girls in a world where we are not on Earth, and we live in a reality where a woman with a cat is a popular actor.

    Wednesday, April 13: The tenth episode of Gilmore Girls, set in a dystopian future in a futuristic future where everything we know about the world is erased.

    Thursday to Friday, April 14: The eleventh episode of CSI, set on the moon, in episode seven.

    Saturday to Sunday: The twelfth episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, set near a nuclear warhead in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident.

    Monday to Tuesday: The thirteenth episode of Star Trek, set somewhere in the future, in about 2047.

    Wednesday to Thursday: The fourteenth episode in the new Star Trek reboot set in another future.

    Thursday through Saturday: The fifteenth episode from The Walking Dead set in this one world, where zombies have overrun the world.

    Tuesday to Wednesday: The sixteenth episode, set at the beginning of the third season, in this world where the universe is ending and a new one is forming.

    Thursday and Friday: The seventeenth episode from American Gods set in an alternate timeline.



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