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    In February 2019, the drama-loving llamas were all gone.

    But in February 2020, their story took another dramatic turn when they became the subjects of a popular documentary.

    It was called No Drama llamas, and it featured a llama that lived in a mansion with its own television and movie screens.

    “I didn’t have a clue how to write it, but I thought, I’ll try and write it,” said actor Mariela Aragon-Espinoza, who plays the llama, who had been a popular celebrity on the Spanish soap opera.

    “It was really exciting.”

    The documentary, which premiered in Spain last year, tells the story of the llamas through a series of clips that capture them as they appeared on the big screen and in the films they watched.

    It features interviews with the owners of the homes they grew up in, as well as interviews with their children, who have also grown up watching the drama.

    It’s also the first time in a film that airs on Spanish television that the llamas have been shown on film.

    The llamas are portrayed by actors in the film, which is filmed at the ranch of the film’s director, Mariel Aragon, and also features footage from the homes of their owners.

    The documentary’s producers, the director of the cinema where the llammas are filmed, and the director’s mother, who also grew up watching drama llamans, say the films purpose is to help viewers understand llamas.

    “No Drama llams” is the first in a new series of films from the same producers.

    They also released the first two films in a series called The Movie of Llama History, and they’re hoping to get a third one in place in 2019.

    The project is funded by the National Institute of Animal Health and Welfare.

    In the first film, a llamas house is featured in a montage and, in the second, a scene from the film shows the llams in the living room.

    It includes footage from all the llamic films that have aired on Spanish TV since the film was made.

    The film, shot in the Spanish town of San Cristobal, is a collaboration between the film production company La Vida La Film and the Instituto de Arte Contemporánea.

    The producers hope to make the film a permanent fixture in the homes, and to promote llama conservation.



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