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    I was initially shocked to discover that the only period drama I’d watched in the last year or so was Bury My Heart at Hatton Garden (and that it was the only one of the three that had been broadcast on BBC One).

    But the fact that Bury had just been renewed for a second season meant I had to look up what had been made of it. 

    The drama, which starred Joanna Lumley, was originally created by British actor and writer James Dyson in the 1970s, and based on the novel by Joseph Conrad. 

    It was set in the 1930s during the Second World War, but was filmed in London, which had been devastated by the Blitz.

    The series followed a group of people who find themselves stranded in the city after being sent to a camp.

    It had its biggest ratings ever, and it became the BBC’s first ever British period drama. 

    Bury My Soul at Hottentots was the first drama that the BBC had made a series of, following the success of the earlier Bury series.

    It was based on a book by Conrad, who was an avid reader and also the creator of The Pilgrim’s Progress, an 1877 novel about a group who find refuge in a German-run prison.

    It’s one of only a few dramas to have ever been adapted into film, and the only non-fiction series of the BBC to have had its own series. 

    However, the drama was widely criticised by critics.

    It made a number of controversial comments about its protagonist, including a reference to the Holocaust, and its portrayal of a woman who is in love with the protagonist.

    The first series was cancelled by the BBC in 2005, and this year was the last of the original Bury dramas to be broadcast.

    It became one of three shows to be cancelled by Channel 4, with the other two being Murder and Mayhem and The Lament of a Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

    So how does it compare to the other BBC dramas?

     The BBC’s history books make no mention of Bury, and despite the fact it was a BBC series, its casting is not recorded.

    I’m not sure how many of the critics who gave it a bad review actually watched it, though, as I have only seen it in a few screenings.

    The main problem is that the series was filmed by the British Film Institute (BFI) and edited by its head of production, Ben Davis.

    There’s a great deal of speculation as to why this was done, but it has been speculated that it may have been because the show was a hit and BFI wanted to make money from it.

    BFI’s head of programming, Chris Goss, said at the time that it had a “high bar” for success, which it had achieved in the first series, though it didn’t explain why the series had failed to get a second series.

    The BFI website also makes no mention that the original series was originally shot in the United States.

    It also doesn’t say why BFI made it to air, though the website says that it will be broadcast on British satellite channel Sky. 

    BBC1 will not be airing any more period dramas this season.



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