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    The Nobel Peace prize committee has awarded a symbolic prize to a young Australian filmmaker who made a dramatic documentary about the country’s conflict with China.

    The film, which was shot over four years, depicts a war between the government and the Communist Party of China.

    It was a critical and popular hit, but it is not the only film by the young filmmaker, who lives in Australia.

    It won the best documentary prize last year for its depiction of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but not the Peace Prize.

    The Peace Prize was given in 1997 to the documentary “Blood on the Tracks,” which also won a Nobel prize.

    The prize ceremony was attended by the heads of state of China and India.

    Nobel Peace laureate and China’s President Xi Jinping was also in attendance.

    The Nobel committee said it will award a second prize in the field of human rights to a film about the 2008 Olympics in which China’s Olympic team won gold.

    “China’s contribution to the development of the human race in this century has been profound, and its role in creating conditions conducive to the peaceful development of human societies is not only a part of the history of human civilisation but also an indispensable part of modern history,” the committee said in a statement.

    The Nobel committee also praised the work of a Chinese film maker, Zhang Xiaoyuan, who made the film “Gods and Demons.”

    Zhang was awarded the Nobel peace prize for his documentary “The Devil’s Brigade.”

    In a statement, the director of the film, Zhang, said, “China’s leadership has played a major role in the creation of a new global order.

    It is my hope that in the new order that is coming, people will be able to see through the veil of deceit that China’s leadership hides behind and understand that its role has been indispensable to human civilisation.”



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