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    David Dobricks son was killed in a car crash.

    He was a conservative.

    Now, he’s back with a new podcast.

    In the new episode, he explains why he thinks Trump voters are still loyal and why he’s convinced Trump’s supporters are still “right-wing” when they vote for him.

    Digg is back.

    The new episode features a full transcript of the show.

    David Dobriks son was murdered.

    He left a note saying, “You have no idea how much I love you.”

    The note was left by the man he had met in the car park of the mall.

    After his death, Dobricks had a new friend.

    He thought that was the end of that.

    He’s still popular.

    He got interviewed by CNN.

    He went to Trump rallies.

    He said Trump is a friend.

    But he doesn’t believe Trump’s right-wing base.

    I think they are still right-leaning.

    But they are also the kind of people that Trump is trying to appeal to.

    You see this all the time, where the Republican Party says that it is the party of Reagan, that Reaganism is what it stands for, that it’s a movement that is anti-elite, that its voters are just as racist as the Democrats.

    You hear these claims all the way through.

    But Dobrik says that there are people who are right-thinking and who don’t want Trump to win.

    They think it’s time to elect a black man, or a woman, or an immigrant.

    There’s an anti-globalisation sentiment in some of these groups.

    Dobrik believes that the alt-right has come out of the Democratic Party and into the Republican party.

    And they are the most extreme right-winger elements that we have seen in the last 10 years.

    There are many of them who want to be in the White House.

    And that’s why they are so anti-liberal.

    The alt-left is the most right-left wing wing, so they don’t understand why Trump voters would be so attracted to them.

    But it doesn’t mean that the Republican base is going to turn on the alt right, Dobrik argues.

    It’s going to take more time.

    Dobricks new podcast is called The Trump Chronicles.

    It features interviews with people who have been part of the alt left, like Tucker Carlson and Mike Cernovich.

    The first episode features one person who has been part a lot of the anti-immigrant alt right.

    It also features a discussion about how to get Trump supporters to vote.

    It is a lot about the white working class, and how the alt white working-class community, they’re in denial about what’s going on with their lives, and what’s really going on is the economic system that is systematically destroying the white middle class.

    The show has a lot to say about white working classes.

    In an interview with the BBC, Dobrick said that he thinks the alt middle class is still an important part of America.

    The most important part is the white upper class.

    I’m very, very proud of my white middle-class upbringing.

    But I do believe that the white conservative working class are also important.

    There is a sense that they are being systematically pushed down.

    But we need to work on that.

    And I believe that what we need is a black president, a Latino president, and a woman president.

    We need more women in the cabinet.

    And we need people of color in the Congress.

    And, you know, a black Muslim president.

    So, I think that white working people are really important.

    The next episode features an interview Dobrik did with the New York Times, in which he discusses why Trump is doing so well in his party.

    He says that he sees the alt political world as a “culture war.”

    He says, “The alt right is the new cultural right.”

    They’re talking about identity politics.

    They’re saying, I’m a white man.

    I don’t belong.

    That’s a new thing.

    It really is a culture war.

    And he says, that’s a good thing because it’s the right thing to do.

    I believe what I’m saying is that Trump’s voters are not the only ones that are not going to be loyal to him, he argues.

    He believes that there’s an entire other group of people who still believe that Trump should be president, who will not give up and give up their loyalty to him because he is the best man that can get the job done.

    Dobrick argues that white people are going to continue to be a key voting block for Trump.

    They are the ones who will be the first to be able to vote for a white person.

    They may not like Trump as a candidate.

    But you’re going to see white people vote for Trump because they think that Trump will be a great president.

    You’re going for a president who is going do something to make America great again, Dobries claims.

    And this is



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