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    This article originally appeared on Newser: Why does everybody hate The Walking Dead?

    – TV News article In a new interview with TV Guide, The Walking Deuce star Scott Glenn reveals the reasons why everyone hates the AMC drama series, which returns for its second season Tuesday.

    Glenn says he and his fellow cast members are in constant communication with each other about their show’s plot points.

    “Every day, it’s like, ‘Oh, the next scene is gonna be like, we need to get this shot,'” he said.

    “And it’s so funny, because you’re like, oh my god, they’re doing that.

    I’m like, you know what?

    I don’t care.

    It’s just so dumb.

    I think it’s a bunch of crap.

    It needs to go away.

    And I’m so fucking pissed off.

    I don of course know the answers, but I can’t be mad at them.”

    Glenn said he was able to get a glimpse into the minds of the cast members after the premiere, which was followed by a surprise visit from a zombie, but that it wasn’t anything he expected.

    “I’m like ‘Oh shit, we’ve got a zombie!'” he said of the visit.

    “Oh, no.

    We have a zombie!

    Oh, no, no no, there’s no zombies.

    No no no no!

    “You get to see people struggling with the same things, and it’s really cool. “

    There’s so much emotion and so much pain in this show,” he continued.

    “You get to see people struggling with the same things, and it’s really cool.

    I love that.

    And they’re like crazy.

    But I’m also like, they’ve got to be really fucked up to be like that.”

    Glenn also revealed that The Walking Days of Future Past was his favorite of the show’s five episodes.

    “The thing that I really loved about it was the way the zombies were so fucking scary,” he said, laughing.

    “Like, the zombies are just like, zombies.

    It was so weird.

    I like the way that they are.

    And also, I loved the fact that the zombies and the walkers have a very similar relationship, because the zombies think of the walker as their family.

    “That was a big, big deal for me. “

    It’s just a really cool way of looking at it, and so it’s definitely a favorite episode of The Walking Day’s Past,” he concluded.

    “That was a big, big deal for me.

    It just made me smile and laugh.”



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