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    When watching dramas, you may think they are the only ones that have more drama, but a new study reveals that shows in many cases, it’s not the case.

    The new study from the Korea Drama Institute, conducted by Korean Drama Research Institute, shows that dramas with over 200 episodes are more likely to be popular, while those with fewer than 100 episodes are less likely to become popular.

    In fact, the study found that dramas that aired for more than 200 episodes were more likely than those with less than 100 to have a good viewership and more likely for them to be rated by fans.

    However, the drama that was released in 2016 did not have as many episodes as the one released in 2011, which was the year of the biggest wave of dramas.

    The reason for this may have something to do with the fact that dramas are typically shorter than drama films, which tend to be a lot shorter.

    As a result, the length of each episode in a show is more likely because the length has less effect on the viewership.

    “This may also explain why dramas with shorter episodes are generally not rated highly by fans, while dramas with longer episodes are rated highly,” said Jung Yeon-hee, a researcher at the Korea drama institute.

    Jung, who was also part of the study team, added that the study did not investigate the effect of drama length on the overall viewership of the drama, as that was something that was determined by viewers themselves.

    The researchers also looked at the impact of the quality of the actors on the popularity of the show.

    They found that drama actors tend to have better ratings than actors who are also actors in other dramas, such as dramas with no female leads.

    However the research also found that while there are more male leads in drama films than female leads, there are fewer female leads in dramas.



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