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    A good number of people are finding the genre’s demise depressing.

    But while many may not agree, some argue that the genre has been the best in its history, while others argue that it’s been one of the most divisive.

    A new study, which was conducted by the University of Oxford and the University College London, found that Asian dramas are “the most watched genre in UK history”, and “one of the fastest growing in the world”.

    However, there are a number of reasons for why Asian dramas don’t appear to be getting the love they deserve.

    First, the study found that in the last decade, the number of dramas that have been made in the UK has increased by around 60 per cent, but that is far less than the increase in Asian movies.

    The study also found that despite the rise in the number and popularity of Asian films and TV series, the popularity of the genre in the U.K. has declined by 30 per cent since the late 1990s.

    According to a report published in 2015 by the BBC, the U-18 and U-21 age groups saw a 33 per cent decline in viewership between 2013 and 2014, compared to a 23 per cent increase in viewers between 2006 and 2014.

    This is in stark contrast to the dramatic growth in viewership in Asian cinema, which has increased in the past decade and is now up by 80 per cent.

    The same report also found a significant increase in the share of people who watched Asian dramas in the 2010 census, which is nearly twice the share who watched films by Asian directors.

    The report also noted that there has been a dramatic drop in Asian TV shows, which have seen a significant decline in viewers.

    This year, the BBC has released its annual awards for best TV series in the 21st century, which will be judged by the Association of British Television and Radio Directors.

    While there have been some big-name dramas on the big-screen, such as Game of Thrones, Sherlock and American Horror Story, the report noted that “there has not been a TV drama with a strong, diverse, and original female lead that has taken root in the mainstream media.”

    While the study noted that Asian female directors are “a rarity”, it said that “the growing popularity of these films has also brought to the fore new voices, new genres and new actors.”

    The study was conducted using data from a variety of sources, including online search engines, Nielsen and the BBC’s online platform, Sky.

    The study also surveyed 1,000 people in the United Kingdom and Germany, who were asked to rank the quality of the films and television series they had watched, which included movies, TV shows and games.

    In addition to being the best-loved genre in Britain, the researchers found that the TV shows were also considered the most influential, with films, TV series and video games having a greater impact on their audiences than films and games and music.

    The researchers also noted an increase in popularity of Chinese films in recent years, which could be partly due to the rise of Chinese-language television, which many Chinese nationals say is a greater influence on their lives.

    The research also revealed that the popularity and quality of Asian cinema has declined across all age groups, from 18 to 55.

    However, the Chinese cinema that has emerged is very different to the mainstream film industry in the rest of the world.

    According to the study, there has not yet been a single Asian film with a “strong female lead” to rival the success of Japanese, Korean, Japanese-language and Japanese-American films, which make up the top 10 most popular genres in the study.

    “In contrast, the vast majority of Asian dramas appear to have been produced by women and feature women, with no women in leading roles,” the report said.

    “This is particularly true of the major Chinese-speaking regions, with a high proportion of Chinese directors.”

    The report noted also that, despite this, the decline of Asian television series in recent decades “could be partly explained by the decline in the availability of Chinese language and film content, particularly in the regions where the shows are produced.”

    “This is the case in the countries of Hong Kong and Macau, where television shows that were produced in the 1990s have been largely phased out, while TV dramas produced in recent times have not only been revived but also adapted for Chinese audiences.”

    This could be because Chinese audiences have grown tired of seeing films like A Bite of China and Jackie Chan, and want to see more diverse TV shows.

    However, Chinese television shows are not widely available in the country, and the number that are available is low.

    The BBC notes that while the study has found that there are only four films and two TV shows that are produced in a country of over 300 million people, there have also been five films and seven TV shows made in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    This means that the BBC said that the study shows that the number one reason why Asian films are declining in the



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